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Investment Analysis Software 10

Investment Analysis Software 10: Easily analyze the performance of any investment to maximize returns. investment over time; project the value of investments in future and current equivalent terms; apply what if scenarios to test the impact of investment decisions; compare the performance of alternative investments; consider the impact of taxation on investments; build a portfolio of investments for ongoing analysis and plot investment parameters over time; improve investment buy / sell / hold decisions; easily establish an investment plan with set

China Business Laws and Regulations v2: All China Business Laws and Regulations for Doing Business with and within China
China Business Laws and Regulations v2

This book is designed for people who are doing business or interested to do business with or within China. We have carefully selected the latest and essential laws and regulations related to foreign entities doing business within China and with Chinese entities. It is also an indispensible reference for anyone study China and its legal systems.

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China Stock Market Handbook 2008: A comprehensive reference book for investors and financial professionals
China Stock Market Handbook 2008

China and Hong Kong stock markets. A must have collection for libraries. The Stock Market of China is emerging quickly in the past decade to become one of the largest capital markets in the world. This book is designed to help investors and financial professionals to understand how China stock market operates. It includes fundamental information of both the mainland China and Hong Kong markets, such as the structure of stock market, key players,

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uInvest 1.0: Easily analyze the performance of any investment.
uInvest 1.0

investments. - Plot investment parameters over time. - Improve investment buy / sell / hold decisions. - Identify when investment performance varies from projected goals and take actions accordingly. Analysis and comparison of all investment types and combinations is available including: Equity / Share investments. Property / Real Estate investments. Cash investments. Retirement funds. Recurring investments. Capital Growth and Income investments.

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QIFWizard Pro 2.2: Get better investment returns with QIFWizard`s easy to use graphs and techniques
QIFWizard Pro 2.2

investment returns. The intuitive charts and graphs make it easy for you to understand how your investments are preforming. Chart your returns against indices such as Dow Jones and the S&P 500, compare each of your investments, see your Return on Investment (ROI) and rebalance your investments to maintain your desired asset allocation. QIFWizard can import all your investment accounts from Quicken and in just a few steps show graphs of returns and

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ChineseBusinessDatabase 1.733

China Trade Directory ! China is the factory of the world. A major chunk of every manufactured item that is being used today - either fully or partly, is Made in China. Grab your piece of China ! It is America and other developed nations that have gained immensely from China. The individuals who grabbed the opportunity that is China have prospered beyond imagination. Let China do the manufacturing and America the servicing. There is far more money

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Diamond Investment 1.0: Diamond Investment a new trend of long term investment plan in the market.
Diamond Investment 1.0

investment yield. We provide trade and manufacture diamonds on a daily basis. Diamonds and gold both are hard assets and considered to be investments that glitter. While many opt for gold trade as a traditional tool for investment, today’s investor fast understands the growing importance of diamonds as a concentrated value source and as a good tool for diversification. The real value of Diamond Investment is an important hard asset; investment

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